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Lone Worker and Panic Alarm Monitoring

Safety First

Good employers value their staff and do their best to protect them and ensure their health and safety. Here at Argo Facilities, we work with employers to put in place the back-up needed to protect staff, tailored to each employer's working patterns and practices.


We understand that in many cases we are our clients' last line of defence and we take this responsibility very seriously, monitoring their site with the upmost of care.


Our facility is manned by experienced operatives 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our operatives are highly trained and confident in handling and escalating alert situations. We develop lone worker protocols with each employer, so our operatives will always be alert to the location, check-in times and escalation plan in the event of an accident or duress situation.


Argo Facilities Ltd

Other Services

Argo Facilities Ltd prides itself on offering the full range of alarm monitoring services from highly complex, integrated security systems to single line alarm feeds.

Some of our services include: